Women – why are we always last?

We are wives, mothers, career women, sisters, daughters, aunties, cousins, friends and we usually always put ourselves last.

Here at Body & Face Co in Pelican Waters, Caloundra, we hear the same thing from almost every woman that comes in to see us for a facial or body treatment, I never treat myself, I never have time, the kids come first, I work too much, I am too busy to take care of myself, the list goes on and on. Sound familiar? Read on..

So, it got me thinking WHY is it we as women, feel the need to do SO much for everyone else and leave ourselves exhausted, growing old and feeling like we don’t deserve to “treat” ourselves.

Why is it we see having a facial or body treatment as a treat? Why can we not allow ourselves to see it as something we need to be happier, more confident & necessary for our mental health to relax and be pampered for a few hours a month?

We have massive roles in our lifetime to play, as women we feel like it is usually up to us to do the majority of the heavy lifting in life.
Even with supportive husbands & partners inevitably we do the bulk of the “looking after everyone else” role and we come somewhere down the bottom of the list, call it nurturing, being a control freak (yes I know there are many of us) or maybe your just “expected” to do the lions share because you are a woman? (I feel sorry for you if this is your reality)

I know I will always try to educate my girls on believing that a relationship is a 50/50 thing, just because you are a woman does not mean you are responsible for 100% of the cooking, cleaning, raising the children, washing the dog and ironing all the clothes.

I feel as a parent it is our responsibly to teach our children about equality – both boys and girls doing their share in the relationship.

 I teach my 2 girls to stand on their own two feet, to be strong independent women, to say what they want in life, to believe they are worthy of time to themselves to grow in all facets of life.

To feel like an equal in a relationship no matter what the income status is. Women do so much unpaid work that would be equal to, if not above their partner’s income if we worked it out on an hourly basis, yet so many women feel guilty for spending money, seeing it as their husband’s money.

Remember this, your husband/partner could not go to work and do what he does without you being there to take kids to & from school, after school sports, play dates, school plays, weekend sports, without you – it would be impossible.

So WHY do we do it?

Why do we leave ourselves at the bottom with no time to give back to ourselves, to nurture ourselves, to do something that makes us happy and relaxed?

Some of us just can’t say no, some of us need to be in control of everything, some of us are OCD and cannot allow our husbands to fold the towels “that way!” some of us simply don’t have the support to help us out, to all the single mums trying to work full time while doing everything else on your own, YOU are amazing and I raise my glass to you and all that you achieve each and every day!

Ask yourself WHY YOU do it?

Is it possible to maybe take a little time back for yourself?

One hour a week? 20 minutes a day? God forbid – a whole day off!? (I know right – you’re kidding yourself I hear you say) But really – if you knew it would not only make you a little happier but you would actually BE a better mum, wife, boss etc, would you do it then?

Well girlfriend – DO IT!

Put aside all of the guilt , stop telling yourself you have no time, you do – you just need to make yourself a priority once and awhile.

We can all find a slice of time if we knew it would make us happier, healthier, relaxed and to have our souls nourished again.

YOU DESERVE IT, what if your days were limited, what if you knew you only had limited time left on this earth, would it make you think differently?

Would you finally not care if the towels were folded wrong, or even if they were folded at all? Would it matter?

No.. what matters is YOU, your happiness, your mental health, your body, your face – YOU MATTER.

So find that 20 minutes a day, that hour a week or that day off (whoo hoo girl time!) Women are the glue that hold the family together – for you to be strong, happy & healthy for your family you must invest some time in YOU..

Go for it girl, your amazing!!

Love Kylie xoxo


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