Body Endermologie​

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Cellulite reduction, slimming, toning the entire body, we can help you rid your body of the stubborn cellulite exercise is just not moving.

Our award winning alliance machine not only targets cellulite but slims & tones at the same time. Our alliance machine also works on fluid mobilisation & is a safe alternative for relieving swollen legs in pregnancy.


What if you never had to shave again? No more painful waxing appointments? YES Please!

Sessions are 6 weeks apart & depending on the area being treated will depend on the amount of sessions required. In general 8 -10 sessions are all that is needed with a yearly top up if necessary.​

LED Phototherapy​

The multi award winning Dermalux LED photo therapy machine can treat skin conditons such as fine lines, wrinkles, dull complexion, pigmentation,acne, rosacea & more.

It does not use heat or chemicals and is a safe, non toxic treatment that will have your skin glowing! A favourite among celebrities like Meghan Markle, Pia Miller, Nicole Scherzinger & Siena Miller.​


Our bloomea macrodermabrasion machine will remove fine layers of skin in a pain free and non invasive way, leaving your skin feeling so smooth & soft.

Used as a corrective treatment in conjunction with other machines it fixes areas of concern like age lines, pigmentation & rosacea.​

Face Endermologie​

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Smooths wrinkles, clarifies the complexion, firms the skin by using a non aggressive, non invasive mechanical skin stimulation. 

Face Endermologie can re-sculpt the face improving sagging jowls and issues like double chins.

Infrared Detox Box​

Used in conjunction with all our body treatments to assist with the elimination of toxins. Our detox box has many health benefits & is proving to be very popular with our clients.

Feeling run down? Like your getting sick? Come and try our infrared detox box for half an hour and you will be feeling better in no time.​

We Get Results

Our lovely client’s main area of concern was her pigmentation. She did our 10 week Deep Rejuvenation facial pack and had wonderful results, her skin is so much lighter, her skin texture is smooth & silky.

We are now focusing on her other areas of concern using our amazing Payot products.  She looks forward to her monthly maintenance sessions & is over the moon with her new skin!





You'll See Results

This lovely lady has been having body endermologie with us and has had these results after only 12 sessions!

She is very excited to continue her body pack and enjoys relaxing with us twice a week. She said she wants to keep going even after she gets her results because she loves it so much!



20% off any full priced treatment!
*New Clients Only.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kylie & Maddy, a beautiful duo who are professional and approachable.  Their beauty treatments and products are second to none. A great way to take the years off, the natural way!

Tina Whitbread

At 55 years of age, and very neglected skin care bearing its consequences, I was on board with trying the technologies that Kylie and Madison where offering.

I noticed the quality, tone and health of my skin improving and thought, ‘they are onto something here!’.  For someone who had been uninterested in these type of treatments , I became very interested. When my Husband and Mother began to comment on my skin I knew it wasn’t just me.

I can honestly say my skin looks clearer, fresher and more youthful and I am loving the results. I must say that I have also begun using some of the products they have recommended and my commitment to following a home care regime has contributed to the overall transformation.

I enjoy having the non-invasive and natural treatments as they feel good. It is that simple.

Keeva Barron

Wedding Ready!!!

I am so pleased with the guidance Kylie and Maddy provided me leading up to my Wedding Day to look and feel my best.

I started with a painless hair removal program which was not only amazing for my Wedding Day and Honeymoon but also perfect for my job and lifestyle on the Sunny Coast.

I don’t normally get facials but I was guided to quick and effect face treatments that didn’t cost me the earth the made my skin glow.

Last of all the finishing touches with a tan by Naken Tan for the best colour to make my dress look even better.

Now that me big day is over I am so excited to continue visiting Kylie & Maddy for chemical free products.

Thank you girls, I will never forget your amazing help 💙

Jodie Keir