Infrared Sauna – so why is it better for me?

What is an Infrared Sauna?

Here at Body & Face Co Pelican Waters, Caloundra our Infrared Sauna is proving very popular with our clients. So, what is it all about and why should you try it?

Read our blog and hear from one of our regulars who have experienced first-hand the benefit of using our sauna.

How does the Infrared Sauna work?

Far Infrared saunas have the longest wavelength that penetrates deep into the body. Far Infrared wavelength results in the greatest levels of detoxification, increase your metabolism, aiding in cardiovascular health, improved circulation, relax muscles, reduce joint pain and much more.

It is a dry heat unlike traditional saunas so you can even take your phone in with you should you need to work (although we encourage you to relax instead!)

Infrared waves are beneficial to the body because they are easily absorbed, stimulating the lymphatic system, immune & cardiovascular systems and also removes toxins.

Infrared saunas use light to create heat, where a traditional sauna that uses heat to warm air which in turn heats the body, with infrared saunas, it heats the body directly without warming the air around you.

Benefit’s from using an Infrared Sauna?

  • Blood pressure reduction
  • Healing from respiratory conditions & inflammation as it kills viruses that cause infections.
  • Weight management
  • Improves lymphatic circulation
  • It will mobilize heavy metals out of the body safely via the body’s natural detox pathways
  • Sore muscles from gym or hard labour
  • Joint Pain from various health condition’s
  • Helps kill parasites, overgrowths of yeast like candida & other mould & fungi that take up residence in a body that is under stress.
  • Great for people who can’t tolerate the heat of a traditional type of sauna
  • Relaxing

 Interview with one of our regulars Roxanne Faulkner – Currumundi 

Q1. Roxanne can you explain what type of arthritis you have & how long you have had it for?                                                         A –I was diagnosed with Juvinuel Rheumatiod Arthritis when I was 12 years old

Q2. How long have you been using the Infrared Sauna at Body & Face Co?                                                                                       A- I have been using the Infrared sauna with the girls at Body & Face Co since July 2018

Q4. Do you feel it has helped with the pain? Can you explain the difference you feel after a session in the sauna?                    A- The first time I tried the Infrared Sauna I had really been struggling with the pain in my hands, after the session in the sauna, I found I had considerable relief, going regularly has helped so much with the inflammation & stiffness in my joints. 

Q5. Would you recommend others to try the Infrared sauna at Body & Face Co?                                                                               A- I would highly recommend going and speaking to the knowledgable girls at Body & Face Co and try the Infrared Sauna yourself to see how great you feel afterwards. I have already sent friends to try it as well!                                                           Not only has it helped me with my arthritis, I also feel so much better within myself. The Infrared Sauna was something I never thought I would do, but now i look forward to my weekly visits!

Another recent testimony from our lovely client suffering badly from Sinus – Tayna Outridge – Maroochydore

I have been suffering really badly from sinus and hayfever (it has become really terrible since it got cold, windy and dry). I had come to the point where I have been taking Sudafed, antihistamines and nose spray all day every day, just to cope with the headaches.
I have also had terrible aches and pains in my neck and shoulders (I’m assuming it is because of the sinus issues). Even walking was not enjoyable because of the tension in my neck and shoulders.
Today I had a 60 minute session in the detox box, and it was incredible. After about 5 minutes, my nose unblocked (I deliberately didn’t use any spray or headache tablets before my session). I sweated very heavily, and about halfway through, felt extremely drowsy. I actually thought I would have to go home and have a sleep when I was finished.
But then about 5 minutes from the end of the treatment, I got an unbelievable rush of energy. I felt like going for a run or something, and my head felt super clear.
It is the end of the day now, and I still have that energy buzz going. My nose is running (as opposed to blocked), and my neck and shoulders feel incredibly loose.
I am amazed at how I feel after only one session. I am very much looking forward to my next one, in a week’s time.
I highly recommend the detox box for anyone suffering with sinus.
The room itself is so warm and cosy, and there was beautiful relaxing music playing. I enjoyed my treatment very much.


So if you have ever wanted to try out the Infrared Sauna experience please let us know here at Body & face Co – we will be only to happy to give a complimentary consultation to discuss your needs. 


Love Kylie xoxo

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